You Are Awakening And So Is Your Life.

Everything is changing, it has to.

It's time to be you. 

The real you.

Time to be you and live from there.


Ambujam is a Self-Embodiment Guide & Healer. She sees where you are on the path and helps you navigate the path. You're asked to own your choices, reconcile karma and be who you are.

Ambujam sees multi-dimensionally, zooming into the original roots of life-themes, situations, relationships and how you feel about yourself today. Your knowing partners with Ambujam's gifts, freeing patterns to their core, propelling you on your heart’s rightful path.

Ambujam's sessions & Group Power Healings have accelerated the path to freedom for over 24 years. Her dedication to embodying her own path continuously creates her work to meet the evolutionary needs of humanity. She works with large groups, individuals, businesses, couples, families, teens, children and animals.



Quicken Awareness, Free Core Issues Fast, Reinforce The Truth Within.

  • Free original, multi-dimensional complex energy patterns.

  • Complete past soul choices and agreements.

  • Heal soul-significant relationships.

  • Activate and energize true-self and heart’s rightful path.

ambujam sees the complexities of how you’re awakening, helping you let go of the old self and embody your true-self. 

  • Understand the roots of your old self, original beliefs, stories and choices so you can let go, embody and move forward.

  • Quick-focused clearings free original patterns, ancient energies and choices so you can heal and awaken faster as the truth within you continues unfolding and calling you forward.

Ambujam sees the karmic patterns that are still active today, energizing situations, relationships and ways of being.

  • Know and change what’s FOUNDATIONALLY motivating your feelings about yourself, life and relationship dynamics.

  • Reclaim YOUR power of knowing, self responsibility, freedom and true choice.


You’re taught how to heal, reconcile and complete life-themes faster so you can move on now and get on with things!

  • Spirit + Ambujam’s gifts + your inner knowing collaborate, helping you heal as fast as possible so you can embody yourself as fast as possible.

  • Your heart’s rightful path is supported, energized and reinforced.