The Group Power Healings have been powerful and transformative. The topics always align exactly with what I’m dealing with. I feel like I’m receiving a private session!
— Tricia, CA

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30 Minute Tune-Up Group Healing Session


Thursday, March 28th

7:00p-7:30p Eastern Time

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6:30p EST Thursday March 28th


Sliding Scale $25 - $45

Choose the amount that feels right for you.

Focus For Session:

  • SPirit will meet you where you are in the moment.

  • release built up stresses, tensions, energy no longer serving you

  • de-stress + self-align + heal

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Process For This Session:

  1. Ambujam begins by connecting all participants as a group. Ambujam provides specific grounding instructions to help you bring yourself into your body, consciousness and energy system.

  2. You stay present within yourself as the combined energies of Grace + Spirit’s accelerated healing energies connect with you. You'll be immersed in these energies throughout the session, going deeper and deeper as the session continues. You'll be pointed to yourself, to steep, feel, know and be with you and your truths within.

  3. Grace, Spirit and your Being work together with your highest good in each moment healing and clearing physical, emotional, situational, mental and spiritual issues that are 'in the way' of connection with self. 

  4. Your job is to relax and stay present with yourself and your process as Grace and Spirit do all the work for you.

  5. The session flexes between periods of deep silence and Ambujam narrating healing details and instructions needed throughout the session.

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When people going through similar life-themes join together with the heart’s desire for truth, powers of the true-self effortlessly awaken.
— Ambujam


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