Monday, January 14th 2019

Major Transformation and Transmutation Process

We are going through a major transformation, continuing through about the 3rd week in March. 2019 kicked off a larger expansion within us and opened Earth’s already existing connection to other worlds, realities, multidimensional parts of us; let’s just call it the Multiverse. We are moving into the next layers of our expansion and higher Being.

Our human self is transmuting an enormous amount of energy/stuff/issues/past to alchemize into our next layers of Self. This process can feel emotionally and physically challenging to say the least and just plain strange, hard to name and weird. It can feel like stuff is moving all around you, outside of you. The image I see is your human self at the center and around your human energy are these 4 to 5 layers of light, expansion and consciousness. Your human is expanding into these layers of yourself and/or these layers of expansion are moving into your human. Then sometime in March, your expansion will be brought through enough to begin expressing itself, whatever you are here to do/be from this ‘new’ place. This specific embodiment process continues after March but enough will be brought through at that time to begin expressing itself. This transmuting process is intense...and it's happening to all of us.

Group Power Healings will be offered for this process to assist in this transmuting process, making clearing and healing easier, faster and providing the specific information needed to help navigate your path.

  • Each GPH is one-of-a-kind because it meets the specific paths of those who join each time.

  • The Group energy collaborates with Spirit's Grace, bringing discernment, clarity and detailed guidance for your path. 

  • Quick-focused energy clearings remove obstacles, heal Soul-significant relationships and complete your deepest karmic patterns faster/easier.

  • Prior attendance to past GPHs never required.

October 25th, 2018

Feeling SUPER EXTRA intense over last couple weeks?

Big shift in November coming.

I wanted to give you the heads up of a layer I see happening now and what’s coming around the 2nd week of November.

In the last couple of weeks, there’s been a certain intensity. Intensity either only with just yourself or working things out within relationships. This intensity is a deep clearing, getting us ready for a big shift in November.

Spirt showed me a door to higher consciousness (let’s call it 5D and higher) opening here on Earth around the 2nd week in November. This doorway is 'everywhere' and open to all. The amount of heart consciousness, love, faster/higher vibration that awaits, is prepping and ripening us now to move us through the door. This higher consciosuenss will continue expanding and merging with Earth as time goes on.

The specific stuff up right now is basically the denser consciousness in us. This denser consciousness will have a harder time getting through that door. So, life is doing what it does to assist us into freedom. (Oh so comfortable...)

Think of it like you’ve been carrying 40 heavy suitcases. Life is helping you put down the suitcases so you can walk through the door with less baggage. As you know when our vibration raises, it brings up next layers of stuff to purify. So getting through the door with less stuff at the beginning stages will help us in the long run.

I also know there are other layers happening in astrology and in other aspects right now. Spirit showed me this layer to let you know what’s happening.