GPH September 26th Recording:

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Session instructions and info are played promptly at 7:00p EDT:

  • If this is your first GPH, please listen.

  • As the instructions play, Ambujam begins connecting the group into our holy, spiritual-quickening Group Power energy.

  • If you’ve already heard session info and want to skip it, you may call in at 7:08p EDT.

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GPH Call Instructions:

Conference Password 8865#

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Thank you for registering for the Group Power Healing on Thursday, September 26th!

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    (Proxy: Healing done on your behalf. Receiving all healing energies, leaps forward and support for your rightful path without needing to attend the live call.)

Session instructions and info are played promptly at 7:00p EDT:

  • If this is your first GPH, please listen.

  • If you’ve already heard session info and want to skip it, call in at 7:05p EDT.

Topic for Session:

Spiritual Birthing Ceremony

  • Move out of the old ego-self into the true-you.


Date & Time:

Thursday September 26th, 2019

7:00p - 8:30p Eastern Time

The Group Process:

  • The call is muted except for Ambujam’s voice.

  • You relax and receive the healing for the first 60-70 minutes as Ambujam narrates the specific details of the healing.

  • When the healing is complete, Ambujam opens up the Q&A portion of the call to answer questions about the healing.

  • To raise your hand press *2 on your keypad to or click the ‘raise hand’ image at the bottom of your screen.

  • The Q&A portion is only for questions and sharing about this Group Power Healing. If you have questions about your personal journey, please schedule a private Individual Session.

  • Ambujam answers as many questions as she can with the time allowed.

Topic Details:

This is a MAJOR self-embodiment ceremony to deepen your embodiment and welcome you home to yourself. To help you move onward, outward and forward from the old self and embody who you really are and all the healing you've been doing.

This session has been building for weeks.
You are ready to move into your next stages of life and Beingness and be you!

Are you ready? We’re ready for you!

We'll meet in our sacred, spiritual-quickening grace of divine Group Power Healing to perform our Spiritual Birthing Ceremony. We'll help the old-you die off quickly and welcome you to yourself. It's time for deeper embodiment. It's time to come home to yourself, now. 

The Group’s energy will bring the specific life-themes, issues, emotions, old ways of being, old energetics, old-self-wounding, identities, ect... that you’re ready to heal, awaken, move through and let go.

  • Spirit will meet YOU exactly where you are in your awakening and help birth you through your old-ego self, into your true-self.

  • You'll quickly move through countless layers of old identity and past pain.

Prior attendance to GPHs never required:

  • GPHs always work with the specific paths of those who join each time.

  • The Group's energy collaborates with Spirit, brining specific information, quick-focused clearings to instantly free original/past energetic structures holding issues in place and detailed guidance for your path now.