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Topic for Session:


  • Deep-fast healing to uncover your REAL self-worth.


Date & Time:

Thursday October 03, 2019

7:00p - 8:30p Eastern Time

The Group Process:

  • The call is muted except for Ambujam’s voice.

  • You relax and receive the healing for the first 60-70 minutes as Ambujam narrates the specific details of the healing.

  • When the healing is complete, Ambujam opens up the Q&A portion of the call to answer questions about the healing.

  • To raise your hand press *2 on your keypad to or click the ‘raise hand’ image at the bottom of your screen.

  • The Q&A portion is only for questions and sharing about this Group Power Healing. If you have questions about your personal journey, please schedule a private Individual Session.

  • Ambujam answers as many questions as she can with the time allowed.

Topic Details:

Ahhhh… self worth…what a deep and wide subject… aye?

What does self worth even mean at this point in our awakening? Right!?

Real self worth resides and arises out of your true-self.

Real self worth means you being in your sovereignty, true-self, residing in your feeling/knowing/awareness that you are already that. Real self worth is stable, clear, neutral, simple, just you being in who you are. No pendulum swing of feeling good or bad about yourself, feeling worthy to unworthy.

The 'ego-you' can’t feel good about itself or recognize real worthiness, you’ve already tried’s too exhausting, effortful, fickle and it doesn't last. If you keep trying to feel good about yourself from the ego-identity, it'll never work.  

The part of you that doesn't have to try, feels and recognizes worth, is already that, is right here, within every breath.

So...let's just b-line you into your true-self now! Let the real meaning of self worth arise within you. Let it be directly felt, recognized and known within so you can rest there:

  • Spirit will do a ton of deep deep deep, fast healing to uncover and anchor you in real self worth so you can be in your real worth easier, faster.

  • As you anchor into your true worth, the specific past-life pain, beliefs, energies, unresolved emotions and choices that have been blocking your worth will come out, telling Ambujam exactly how to heal, reconcile and release them. 

  • The 3rd chakra is an energy center that has a lot to do with self worth. Spirit will clear out the 3rd chakra of the old gunk so you can feel your true self and worth easier.