Instructions For Sign-Up:

  1. Please read and agree to the In-Person Group Power Healing Polices below. (Scroll to bottom of page for Agreement Form.)

  2. After submitting your agreement, a Donate PayPal button will appear to sign-up. Sliding Scale: $40 - $65. Choose the amount that feels right for you.

  3. Your PayPal email receipt confirms your spot.

  4. You'll also receive a confirmation email the day before the event with a special discount for an Individual Session!


Details To Know And Items To Bring:

  • Our room is upstairs (address below) first door on the left.

  • Bring yoga mat, pillow, blanket, meditation bench, or any props for your physical comfort.

  • The event begins with Ambujam giving a brief description of her work and explaining the instructions for the healing.

  • The energy healing is 60-70 minutes.

  • You relax within yourself and receive the healing, as Ambujam narrates the healing details throughout the session.

  • When the healing completes, Ambujam invites sharing and questions about the healing.

  • If you’d like children under 18 to join the group session, please contact Ambujam to discuss.


Focus For Healing:


The specific themes for healing, karmic balancing and leaps forward will arise out of the Group's energy.



Nectar Organic Skin Care studio

129 W Main St Suite B1

Bozeman, MT 59715

Date & Time:

wednesday, December 19th

7:00p - 8:30p 

Please arrive 10 minutes early to check-in.


Sliding Scale $40 - $65

Choose the amount that feels right for you.

In-Person Group Power Healing Policies Agreement Form


  • Your PayPal email receipt confirms your spot.

  • Because of limited space, payments are non-refundable. If you’re unable to attend for any reason, your payment may be used towards an Individual Session or Conference Call GPHs through December 31st, 2019. Please notify Ambujam asap so your spot can be offered to someone else.

  • Daylene Ambujam Rose, Ambujam Healing, is not personally choosing the topics, information, healing energies or healing modalities for the session. Your path of awakening, embodiment and evolution collaborates with the participants', brining all information, healing energies and healing modalities needed.

  • Your Being regulates and guides your individual healing throughout the entire session.

  • Daylene Ambujam Rose, Ambujam Healing, relays all healing information to the best of her abilities. It’s always your responsibility to feel out the information being relayed for yourself to determine whether the information is right or not right for you.

  • GPHs address very intimate parts of your inner and your outer life. Thus, a lot of change can occur in situations, relationships, in the mental, physical, emotional and energy bodies during and following all GPHs.

  • Emotional and physical detox can occur during and following all GPHs.

  • Subsequent emotional, situational, physical, spiritual and energetic layers can surface and change during and following all GPHs.

  • You take full responsibility for all conclusions drawn, choices made and for all physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and situational changes and results during and following all GPHs.

  • Ambujam Healing, Daylene Ambujam Rose, is not a licensed therapist or doctor and is not prescribing.

  • Although emotional and physical issues are addressed, sessions are not a substitution or replacement for licensed therapy or medical care.

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In-Person Group Power Healing Polices Agreement *

The POWER behind Group Healing is YOU!

YOUR wisdom, Soul’s history and current-life themes hold key information for all.

This sacred collaboration is a silent prayer for truth and invitation for Grace.
— Ambujam