By scheduling and or attending sessions, you've read and agreed to all session policies and guidelines.

Session Policies

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so 48 hours prior to your scheduled time. 

  • If a session is canceled last minute, or is a no-show, your full pre-payment is forfeited and becomes non-refundable and non-transferable (with considering special circumstances). 

  • Although reminder emails are sometimes sent, you agree to take full responsibility for calling in on time. 

  • If a session goes over the scheduled time, Ambujam may ask you to donate an extra courtesy amount. The courtesy amount may be any amount that feels right for you. Ambujam follows the flow for each session and asks when she is guided to ask. Although you may be asked, giving an extra courtesy amount is NEVER MANDATORY, it's always up to you and your choice is honored.  


    • If you’re going to be late, text Ambujam at (978) 210-5272 before the session start time.

    • There is 10 minute grace period. Sessions begin at scheduled start time and I agree to hold the session energies for up to 10 minutes past the scheduled time.  We will use the remaining time we have left for your session.

    • Calling in over 10 minutes late (without prior notice) causes the session to be canceled and your full pre-payment is forfeited and becomes non-refundable & non-transferable.  A new payment will need to be received prior to rescheduling.

Session Guidelines

We enter sessions together in partnership and collaboration


The focus for all sessions is on your internal world, embodiment and supporting your rightful path. We do this through information received from your Being, Spirit, past-life history and present-life experiences. Sessions do not focus on the future or predictions.


At the start of all sessions, your Being and Spirit will either want to say something to you about your path first, or I'll be guided to ask you what you'd like to begin with.


There's nothing specific you need to do to prepare for your sessions unless you want to. Your Being and Spirit always bring everything we'll need.


  • No driving or in any mode of transportation during sessions.

  • Be in a quiet place where you can be deeply present with the session and won’t be disturbed. 

  • All sessions are a combination of a reading and energy healing. 

  • Sessions serve the priorities of your evolution in each moment. 

  • Sessions address very intimate parts of your inner and your outer life. Thus, a lot of change can occur in situations, relationships, the mental, physical, emotional and energy bodies during and following all sessions. 

  • Emotional and physical detox can occur during and following all sessions.

  • Sub sequential emotional, situational, physical, spiritual and energetic layers can surface and change following all sessions. 

  • Ambujam Healing, Daylene Ambujam Rose, is not a licensed therapist or doctor and is not prescribing.

  • Although psychological and physical issues are addressed, sessions are not a substitution or replacement for licensed therapy or medical care.

  • Clients takes full responsibility for all conclusions drawn, choices made and for all physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and situational changes and results during and after all sessions and services.

  • Daylene Ambujam Rose deciphers and relays the information being given for each session without censoring or personal opinion to the best of her abilities. It’s always the client's responsibility to feel all information being given for themselves to determine whether the information is right for them or not right for them.