Group Power Healing Testimonials


“The groups have supported and affirmed my growth in ways that I can only describe as miraculous. Each time I have participated in one, the energy and information that comes through is exactly what is currently up in my life that needs to be looked at and cleared. The process is gentle yet powerful and although it is a group healing, it feels as though Spirit is addressing me as an ndividual; this makes me feel supported and loved as I know others are more than likely having the same experience.”

Linda, FL


“Ambujam is the healer of healers. These sessions are so powerful!  You will be amazed on how one person’s question and Ambujam’s answer can resonate with the whole group. Listening to the free recordings lets you catch what you might have missed and receive more healing.”

Anna, CA


“I have participated in Group Power Healings remotely due to time zones. Surprisingly, it doesn’t matter as the empowering energy, support and healing happen exactly as it is meant to. It is a very profound and deep support, which is incredibly helpful. Please try it for yourself, you will be transformed.”

Fi, UK


“That last session was pretty incredible. Of course, all of the issues that came up were ones that were up for me.   Thanks as always for holding us all in your guided and inspired attention. The metaphors you use to convey what’s happening plus the accelerated, amplified healing that comes through in this group setting creates an experience that is both fascinating and powerful.”

Susan, NY


“Ambujam Group Power Healings are powerful, transformational, fun and truly healing. The energy and information received have helped me grow immensely in all areas of life. Ambujam has magnificent gifts that she shares in rich and rewarding ways in her Group Power Healing sessions. I highly recommend working with Ambujam.”

Riquelle, CA


“The Group Power Healings I’ve receive from Ambujam have been very powerful and transformative. The topics and themes are always exactly aligned with what I’m dealing with. I feel like I’m receiving a private session! I usually have shifts during the healing, but then later in the night either in dreams or a sub-conscious state I have insights, realizations, energetic shifts, transformation, and awakening. Ambujam is a very powerful energetic healer. I’m grateful for her work.”

Tricia, CA


“The work that comes through Ambujam for her Group Power Healings is always powerful, rich and transformative. One of the things I love about the way Ambujam works is how she guides us through the process. She let’s us know what’s happening in each moment. With her guidance, we can follow the session through our bodies, through our emotional responses and releases. I also love Ambujam’s light heart, the playful way she’ll walk us through some truly boggy ground. The healing space she holds is deep and wide so everyone in the group can feel safe and cared for while some amazing shifts occur.”

Joie, NY


“Ambujam has an incredible gift. I’ve known and worked with her for 10 years now. She is able to do group sessions for an unlimited number of people simultaneously. Something magical happens so that the Group Power Healings are always relevant to whatever is most needed for me. She is able to gently facilitate awakening and deep healing. It’s amazing how much is accomplished in just one Group Power Healing session!”

Anna, MA

Individual Session Testimonials


“Ambujam’s sessions have been a vehicle for the voice and presence of God which has cut through layers of resistance to the depth of my soul providing me with truth and grace.” 

Carol, CA


“Ambujam’s work doesn't magically 'heal' from the outside. Rather, she has an amazing ability to penetrate veils of unconsciousness and empower you to access your own inner healer in a profound and life-changing way. I find working with her to be an invaluable support on my journey.” 

Jai, CA


“Ambujam has an impeccable ability to truly see and perceive what is deeply unfolding in her client’s life.”

Dr. Melanie, NH


“Ambujam is a great gift to humankind. She is a very clear vehicle, which makes her one of the rare effective energetic healers.” 

Anke, NV


“I have felt this solidness in my being today that I can’t recall if I have ever felt it. I am grateful for the wonderful changes you bring into my being.”

Heidi, CA


“For anyone seeking guidance to awaken from separation and suffering into oneness and joy, I highly recommend them to experience the gifts of the beautiful Soul, Ambujam.” 

Josef, CA


“My work with Ambujam has absolutely been life changing on a profound level. She is a truly gifted healer who cares deeply about her clients.” 

Gerald, CA


“After my session with Ambujam, my upper back pain stopped and hasn't returned since. Wow, what a huge release!” 

Nancy, NH


“I feel what is important to me is important to Ambujam.”

Michael, NY


“For years, my toes had been curled under. In one session, Ambujam diagnosed the root cause which allowed my feet to open up. My toes are now able to lay flat.”

Steve, MA


“I am extremely grateful for the unconditional love and help I received from Ambujam. From her work, I am able to make juicier life choices, feel and move through emotions and come back to center more quickly. This is true even with all the changes and challenges in today's world. I am healthier, happier and more resourceful from working with her. She's precious.

Ann, HI


“I have known Ambujam both personally and professionally. I can speak to her high level of integrity and extensive knowledge of spirituality and healing. I am always amazed at her insights and ability to help clear issues for good. She has helped myself, my two children, my pets and my friends. I would highly recommend her if you are interested in personal growth and self-examination.”

Jen, NH


“Ambujam's gifts, abilities, and talents help her get to the core issues quickly for deep healings that help you create major shifts in your life. Not only have she touched my life deeply, she has also worked with my teenage daughter who immediately experienced noticeable results in her health and how she interacts with others - I am blessed to have Ambujam in my life."

Gillis, MN


“Ambujam has helped me heal in many areas of my life; from relationships with my family to healing my own physical and emotional issues. My life has changed immensely because of the healing she has done. I love working with Ambujam because I always know the healing work is for my highest good.”

Julie, MN


“Before I went to see Ambujam I felt stuck in my path as a healer.  Ambujam was amazing in pruning all the branches on my tree of life that no longer served me.  After the session I felt like I was flying in my new body. I had never felt such a true presence in my body before. Her accuracy has propelled me forward in my journey. Thank you for pruning my soul…I needed it.” 

Staci, NY


“I have not slept this well in forever!  The anxiety that resided in the pit of my stomach is now replaced with a sweet, peaceful feeling.  I cannot believe HOW focused I am now.  I used to trudge through things and felt like I could not get anything done.  The past few days have been so great at work. I cannot believe the volumes of things I have been able to produce."

Wendy, MT


“After a diagnosis of breast cancer, Spirit led me to Ambujam. WHAT A BLESSING! She immediately became an integral part of my healing team. I will always be deeply grateful for her skills and insights, which helped me to heal emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically."

Barbara, CA


“I have experienced the complete disappearance of unexplainable discomfort for several years in my shoulder with one treatment from Ambujam—and 2 more treatments revealed the cause. Ambujam is a true healer. I recommend her to anyone seeking physical or emotional relief and self-knowledge. It is a blessing to all who come in contact with her.” 

Marty, CA


“I know that there is a raw Divine gift that Ambujam has. I began seeing Ambujam for migraines. Not only are migraines no longer a part of my life, but the 8 years of being with Ambujam gives me the freedom to fly. She continues to provide me with many keys to release the old shackles in my life to create me to have a TANGIBLE experience of my truth.”

Pat, NH


“My daughter used to be within herself and quiet. After your session with her yesterday, she was hanging out of the car waving her hands screaming “HELLO!” to her fellow classmates as I drove her into school.”

G.L., MN


“Ambujam and I have been doing regular sessions for about a year. Since working with her my life has become clearer, and I have seen unexplainable miracles happen. Since my sessions with Ambujam my decision making process, my health, my clarity and focus have all dramatically been enhanced. The best part is, the light continues to shine for weeks and weeks after the session.”

Liat, NY