Ambujam is truly one of a kind. No one I have encountered matches her insight, compassion, and dedication to her clients. There will definitely be a shift in your life once you have been a client.
— G.R. CA

Session Overview:

Your Being, Spirit and Divine Grace Guide And Regulate All Sessions


  • Sessions serve the highest priorities of your awakening, embodiment and heart’s rightful path in each moment.

  • Sessions energize, activate and support your inner knowing, true-self and rightful path.

  • Sessions offer karmic awareness, resolution, balance and completion.

  • Sessions offer accelerated leaps forward on your rightful path.

  • Sessions reveal, heal and/or complete original Soul-agreements, Soul-significant relationships, multi-dimensional patterns and all kinds of relationship dynamics.

Session Menu:

Looking for a session you don't see listed? Ask Ambujam.



Ambujam sees where you are on your path of awakening, healing and embodiment. As Ambujam communicates what she's seeing, your wisdom collaborates, opening additional information, creating the flow for the entire session. Read more



You’ve had past-lives together, experiences together in this life, and you’ve gone through your own individual issues. All of this influences how you perceive and experience each other today. Read more



Ambujam works with children of any age. You tell Ambujam what's going on with your child. Ambujam connects with your child's Being. Your child tells Ambujam what’s going on spiritually/emotionally/physically and what they need for healing, support and change. Read more


Family Relationship Dynamics

(Multiple family members meeting over conference call)

The issues that arise within our family can be the deepest and most karmic issues we’ve ever had. Read more



Your business is a form of energy and consciousness in and of itself. Unresolved issues within the business energy, or within those who own, run or operate the business directly manifests in business results. Read more


Business and Partnership Dissolving Karma

When you're dissolving business partnerships, karmic connections must also be completed and dissolved for you and everyone involved to TRULY move on. Read more



Animals have paths of healing, awakening and evolution too. Ambujam connects with your animal’s Being. Your animal tells Ambujam what's happening spiritually/emotionally/physically and what they need for healing. Read more

Session Logistics:

all Sessions Are Done Via US Conference Call Line.

or Free Skype to Skype Audio, WhatsApp or FaceTime Audio available if you prefer. 

  • Call-in instructions are emailed the day before your scheduled sessions.

  • Call-in FREE from: Mobile, Landline, Web, Free App For iOS Devices and Android, FREE Local International Numbers.

  • Sessions done over Conference Call and Skype include free recordings. Download and save to your computer and mobile devices.

Your desire and willingness to know and heal yourself IS THE POWER of all sessions.
— Ambujam