1. please read and agree to the PACKAGE POLICIES AND Group power healing Policies below.

  2. After submitting your agreement, you're able to attend all GPH's.

Discount Package Policies:

  • Your package expires March 31st, 2020.

  • You take full responsibility for attending all your GPH's in your package by March 31st, 2020.

  • If you don’t use all your GPH’s by March 31st, 2020 you may keep your discounted GPHs and pay the difference of Ambujam’s current rates.

Confirming Attendance For Each GPH In Your Package:

  • After clicking the "Attend GPH" button in your email invitations, Ambujam's personally emails you a confirmation. This confirms your attendance.

  • You'll automatically receive the GPH via proxy. (Proxy: Receiving all healing energies and support for your rightful path without needing to attend live call.)

  • It's always your choice to join the live calls.

  • All call-in info is emailed 30 minutes prior to each GPH.

  • There is no attendance taken on calls. You take full responsibility for attending all GPHs'. (Whether joining the live call or receiving the GPH via proxy.)

After Your Package Expires:

  • You'll continue receiving all GPH email invitations. 

  • PayPal payments register you for GPH's.

  • Your PayPal auto-generated email receipts confirm your attendance. 

Group Power Healing Policies:

  • All call-in info is emailed 30 min prior to GPH's. It’s always your choice to join the live calls or receive the GPH via proxy.

  • If you have not received the call-in email 30 minutes prior, it’s your responsibility to txt Ambujam +1-978-210-5272, email, WhatsApp or Skype text: ambujamhealing BEFORE THE SESSION STARTS.

  • Ambujam cannot reply to texts, emails or resend call-in info once GPH’s sessions begin.

  • No driving or operating heavy machinery during GPH sessions.

  • GPH focuses on self-awareness, self-empowerment, healing and balancing karma to support your path of awakening, evolution, self-embodiment and your rightful path.

  • GPH does not focus on predictions.

  • Daylene Ambujam Rose, Ambujam Healing, is not personally choosing the topics, information, healing energies or healing modalities for any GPH.

  • Your path of awakening, embodiment and evolution collaborates with the Groups’, brining all information, healing energies and healing modalities needed for each GPH. Your Being guides and regulates your individual healing throughout the GPH session.

  • Daylene Ambujam Rose, Ambujam Healing, deciphers and relays the information being channeled for each GPH without censoring the information to the best of her abilities.

  • It’s always your responsibility to feel all information being channeled for yourself to determine whether the information is right for you or not right for you.

  • You take full responsibility for all conclusions drawn, choices made and for all physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and situational changes and results during and after all GPHs'.

  • GPH address very intimate parts of your inner and your outer life. Thus, a lot of change can occur in situations, relationships, the mental, physical, emotional and energy bodies during and following all GPHs'.

  • Emotional and physical detox can occur during and following all GPHs'.

  • Subsequent emotional, situational, physical, spiritual and energetic layers can surface and change following all GPHs'.

  • Ambujam Healing, Daylene Ambujam Rose, is not a licensed therapist or doctor and is not prescribing.

  • Although psychological and physical issues are addressed, sessions are not a substitution or replacement for licensed therapy or medical care.

  • You’ll be added to Ambujam’s email list. It’s your choice to unsubscribe at any time.


  • You give permission for all GPHs' to be recorded in their entirety.

  • All GPH recordings are privately shared with you at no additional cost. Recordings are not to be shared with non-participants.

  • All GPH recordings are offered to non-participants for purchase.

  • GPH recordings are the sole property of Ambujam Healing to use at Ambujam's discretion. Ambujam Healing owns all rights to GPH recordings.

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