The Group Power Healings have supported and affirmed my growth in ways that I can only describe as miraculous.
— Linda, FL

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Let’s do something greater together then we can on our own. There are strength in numbers. We can heal faster, embody easier, laugh more and know w’ere not alone on this crazy wild journey we call awakening.
— Ambujam

  • activate and energize your heart’s rightful path

  • instantly CLEAR ancient energy BLOCKS

  • reconcile and rease KARMA fast


What Is Group Power Healing?

Group Power Healing was created to meet the accelerated awakening people are going through making healing more accessible and faster for the individual. We collaborate in the powers of intentional Group Energy and Grace to accelerate healing and embodiment for all. Group Power Healing unlocks inner-knowing, quickens realizations and anchors embodiment.

Your Soul’s history, current life-themes and path of awakening collaborate with the group's, bringing Ambujam the relevant info about your path to heal faster, embody quicker and navigate easier. Ambujam's unique mix of quick-focused energy clearings and spot-on guidance breaks you free from old energetics instantly, accelerating realizations about yourself, life-experiences and emotional/spiritual/physical pains, helping you foundationally heal, move forward and embody.

Old complex energy patterns instantly release, soul-significant relationships heal, personal and world karma reconciles, self-embodiment anchors and the rightful path of each participant is supported.

Group Power Healing helps YOU awaken, heal and embody rapidly.


Why Group Healing For You?

personal healing accelerates.

inner knowing awakens.

Embodied freedom quickens.

your heart’s rightful path supported.


  • Group wisdom brings significant, missing pieces of information to your personal issues and life-themes.

  • Your true-self is magnified and reinforced.

  • Your system’s capacity to know and heal itself strengthens and expands.

  • Core ego identities and stuck, repetitive emotional patterns reveal and effortlessly let go.

  • Personal karma reconciles and balances gracefully.

  • New, present-day Soul choices are made, manifesting through you multidimensionally.

  • You’re leaped forward into your next levels of healing, awakening, self-embodiment and rightful path.



The Overview:

  • Each GPH meets YOU on your path of healing, self-awareness, embodiment and expressions of purpose.

  • Each GPH is one-of-a-kind, addressing the in-common life themes, awakening and rightful paths of all attending.

  • Spirit brings understanding and instant energetic releases to your past self, anchoring you into the True Self.


The Process:

  • The call is muted except for Ambujam’s voice.

  • Ambujam begins by explaining the instructions for the session.

  • You relax and receive the healing for the first 60-70 minutes as Ambujam narrates the specific details of the healing.

  • When the healing is complete, Ambujam opens up the Q&A to answer any questions about the healing.



The Logistics:

  • Sessions are 90 minutes and a sliding scale of $40-$65.

  • Sessions are done over Conference Call and include a free recording.

  • After registering, you are connected in the Group. You will automatically receive all GPH sessions via proxy. (Proxy: Healing done on your behalf. You’ll receive all healing energies, leaps forward and support for your rightful path without needing to attend the live calls.)

  • It's your choice to join the live calls. All are welcome!

  • Call-in information is emailed 30 minutes before all sessions.

  • Call-in FREE from mobile, landline, Web, App, FREE Local International Numbers.


Examples Of What Heals:

  • Root causes of present and past-life emotional patterns.

  • Karmic choices and behaviors.

  • Past and present Soul-significant relationships.

  • Notions of self and life.

  • Physical/emotional/spiritual traumas.

  • Family/generational/lineage traumas and ways of being.

  • Physical pain patterns.

  • Abuse/Enslavements.

  • Sexual traumas.

  • Rooted identities.

  • Funky-weird stuff that's been challenging to name/stop/understand.



The POWER behind Group Healing is YOU!

YOUR wisdom, Soul’s history and current-life themes hold key information for all.

This sacred collaboration is a silent prayer for truth and invitation for Grace.
— Ambujam