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Awaken, Embody, Be You Group Power Healing Series:

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GPH Series Dates and Times:

Session #1: Sexual Healing and Awakening: Awaken 1st and 2nd Chakra, Embody True/Pure Sexuality: 

  • Tuesday October 22nd 7:00p-8:30p EDT

Session #2: Heart Healing and Awakening: Embody Your Clarity And Knowing: 

  • Tuesday November 5th 7:00p-8:30p EDT

Session #3: Health Healing And Awakening: Embody Vibrant Physical and Emotional Health: 

  • Tuesday November 19th 7:00p-8:30p EDT

Session #4: Money Healing And Awakening: Embody Financial Abundance: 

  • Tuesday December 3rd 7:00p-8:30p EDT

Session #5: Embody Your Awakening And Heart’s RightFul Path: Clear The Old Self, Embody True-Self: 

  • Tuesday December 17th 7:00p-8:30p

GPH Series Detailed Descriptions:

What is the focus of this series?

To help you empower, heal, awaken and embody faster by addressing these major pain points. Not only do these parts hold unresolved, emotions, past-life pain, choices and circumstances, they also hold your pure divinity and power. This series builds upon itself to bring deeper and deeper self-awareness, core-healing and awakening into your sexuality, emotional and spiritual heart, health and money. The last session works with all the healing you've done to create a massive up-level shift of embodiment in the mind/body/soul/energy/consciousness. Each session will meet you where you are on your journey of awakening, embodiment and expressions of purpose. Your path silently collaborates with Spirit and everyone in the group, bringing the specific life-themes and issues needing healing, reconciliation, release and guidance for each topic. Each session clears the way for you to align with your true self, feel your truth and know your path. We will deepen, expand and embody your awakening and inner truths in each area. The Group energy will also brings magical impromptu healings and awakenings.

Each Group Power Healing consists of:

  • Information to help you understand and navigate your path.

  • Quick-focused energy clearings that instantly free roots of emotional patterns, old Soul choices, ego, karma, relationship dynamics, belief systems.

  • Your true essence and awakening is brought throughout the body/spirit/energy.

Session #1: Sexual Healing and Awakening: Awaken 1st and 2nd Chakra, Embody True/Pure Sexuality:

Spirit addresses your human sexuality, your divine pure sexuality and your creativity. We bring awakened conscious into the 1st and 2nd chakra. The Group’s Energy will bring the specific understanding and healing energies needed to help you heal sexual wounding, trust yourself, feel safer and empowered in your sexuality and creativity. It’s all flow, whether it’s sexual or creative, your ARE the pure energy of both. Spirit will align you your pure energy and truth of YOUR sexuality/creativity.

Session #2: Heart Healing and Awakening: Embody Your Clarity And Knowing:

Your deepest knowing is in your deepest heart. Spirit knows in order to survive in the past and in this life, you’ve made choices to shut dow, not trust yourself and stay out of your clarity and knowing. The Group’s Energy will bring the specific information and life-themes needing healing so you can self-realize the truth in your heart. You will be aligned with your clarity and inner knowing to embody your heart.

Session #3: Health Healing And Awakening: Embody Vibrant Physical and Emotional Health:

Vibrant health and wellness is a consciousness, is a vibration that is ALREADY within you. The Group’s energy will bring us the specific life-themes, past choices and information blocking your health and wellbeing consciousness. Spirit will wake-up your vibrant health consciousness and align and embody you in vibrant health frequencies now.

Session #4: Money Healing And Awakening: Embody Financial Abundance:

Abundance is a vibration and consciousness already within you. To bring in your rightful financial abundance, you must align with and embody your truths and heart’s rightful path. The Group’s energy will bring the specific life-themes and past and present choices keeping you out of your abundance consciousness and financial vibrations. Spirit will wake-up your financial money areas within and align you with your financial wellbeing so you can begin attracting what is rightful for you.

Session #5: Embody Your Awakening And Heart’s RightFul Path: Clear The Old Self, Embody True-Self:

This series has been building towards this. Now that we’ve brought self-awareness, healing, clearing and embodiment in these major areas, you’re ready for more major shift of embodiment in your human self as a whole. Wherever you are within yourself, Spirit will facilitate a spiritual birthing ceremony to bring you more out of the old self and deeper into your-true self. Spirit and the Group’s Energy will bring the precise details of how to best embody you to serve your highest good and your heart’s rightful path in all areas of your life.