The Group Power Healings have been powerful and transformative. The topics always align exactly with what I’m dealing with. I feel like I’m receiving a private session!
— Tricia, CA

Next Group Power Healing:

“Time To Come Out”

Clear, heal and release the old conciseness, old energy, old hurt, old pain, old fears. 

It’s your time to come out now, it is your time.


Thursday, April 25th

7:00p - 8:30p Eastern Time

6:30p EDT Thursday April 25th


Sliding Scale $40 - $65

Choose the amount that feels right for you.

FREE Recording Included!

Focus For Session:

It's time to step into who you are and what you are here to express. Your Being has many expressions, it is not just one thing. Please don’t get conceptually caught in it being a this or a that or only this or that. Allow your Being to come forward and bring what he/she is here to bring. Trust yourself, trust YOUR knowing to teach you guide you and direct you.

We offer this GPH to help and assist your Beingness to come forward into the light you are here to express and be. You are already this, of course, but now it’s time for this light, this you to come forward in ways only meant for you.

The combined power of Group Wisdom, Spirit and Grace brings significant guidance to accelerate healing, reinforce inner knowing and anchors true-self.

  • We will be facilitating you, your light to turn on, come through and come out.

  • Steep deeply in your own energy as Spirit, Divine Grace and all the magic that is you and connected to you come through to help clear the way to express and be you!

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  • This session is done on your be-half. You’ll receive a recording of the session immediately following the session.

  • Ambujam connects you in the Group and with Spirit. You’ll receive the full 30 minute healing.

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When people going through similar life-themes join together with the heart’s desire for truth, powers of the true-self effortlessly awaken.
— Ambujam


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