The Group Power Healings have been powerful and transformative. The topics always align exactly with what I’m dealing with. I feel like I’m receiving a private session!
— Tricia, CA

Next Group Power Healing:

“Support, Clear, Affirm, Inspire”


Friday, May 17th

7:00p - 8:30p Eastern Time

6:30p EDT Friday may 17th


Sliding Scale $40 - $65

Choose the amount that feels right for you.

FREE Recording Included!

Focus For Session:

Spirit calls this GPH to support you in whatever you're needing now!
We’re been going through different waves of energy, really asking us to step up and be who we are.

One thing I’ve noticed in individual sessions over the last 3 weeks is subtlety REALLY matters right now.
It matters where you put your attention, it matters what you’re choosing, it matter what your giving your energy too.

There’s so much more space within you now (even though you may not emotionally feel like there is) that there's less stuff in the way between you and life, you and your relationships, what your putting out there in thoughts and actions. It really matters what where we’re putting our focus and energy.

Spirit is offering this GPH to align you, clear you, affirm you and assist whatever you’re needing when we meet on the 17th to support, energize and inspire your path.

We love you!!!

Prior attendance to GPHs never required:

  • The specific themes for healing, support and awakening will arise out of the Group Energy when we meet.

  • GPHs always work with the specific paths of those who join each time.

  • The Group's energy collaborates with Spirit, brining the specific healing information, quick-focused clearings and detailed guidance for your path. 

Receive Healing via Proxy:


  • This session is done on your be-half. You’ll receive a recording of the session immediately following the session.

  • Ambujam connects you in the Group and with Spirit. You’ll receive the full 30 minute healing.

Confirming Your Attendance:

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sliding scale $40-$65:

  • Attending a Group Power Healing again? Welcome Back!

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  2. Your PayPal email receipt confirms your attendance. You’ll receive the call info 30 minutes prior to GPH sessions.

sliding scale $40-$65:

When people going through similar life-themes join together with the heart’s desire for truth, powers of the true-self effortlessly awaken.
— Ambujam


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